Veteran Services Officers – A Community Resource for all Veterans

The functions of a Veteran Service Officer are to deliver essential services to the veterans and dependents residing within the municipality.  The VSOs provide outreach services by providing referrals and assistance to, veterans and their dependents regarding available benefits and services, including G.I. Bill benefits; educational assistance; home purchases; tax exemptions; pensions; reemployment rights; civil service; burials and hospitalizations; and adjudication of claims against the government.

The VSO is a critical resource to veterans of all ages and their dependents.  Many veterans have not registered with their local VSO simply because they don’t think they need anything or are entitled to any benefits, but that is far from the facts.  Registering with the local VSO also provides valuable information about the veteran population in the municipality and also can help in finding opportunities for veterans to help other veterans in a time of need.  Being involved in community veteran activities – flag planting ceremonies, etc.

Here are 3 VSOs who are committed to serving their brothers and sisters in arms to ensure that every veteran has an advocate that has their best interest at heart!

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