Many non-profit organizations receive grants to support many of the programs they offer, however, grants do not fulfill all of the needs for people these organizations serve.  Donations, which have no restrictions as to the programs and services they can support are the “life-blood” of these organizations.  Veterans Northeast Outreach Center is no different.  The donor community is the biggest part of our long-term success.  Funds that help with food, job training, clothing support, housing maintenance, education, transportation – are key to us being able to help hundreds of Veterans of all ages get back on their feet and take charge of theirs and their family’s future!  Please help us during these unprecedented times.  You can donate cash, gift certificates for food, gas, clothing, etc., donate time – help with maintaining our buildings (landscaping, electrical work, carpentry, etc.).  These are all needed services and ones that also require us to purchase as well.  Please know that we are asking your help for those who have given of themselves in support of our country and our people. To learn more go to